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Friday, 6th January 2012
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Japan ministry of agriculture plans futuristic robot farm

A futuristic farm run by robots is being planned for land that was flooded by the Tsunami in March, the Japanese government revealed yesterday (January 5th).

The plans outlined by the agriculture ministry are set to bring self-driving tractors to the fields while pesticides will be replaced by LEDs which will protect the crops from bugs before robots pack them into boxes, the AFP reported.

As part of the experimental project, carbon dioxide emitted from the machines will be recycled into the farming process to help boost crop growth and reduce the need for chemical fertilisers.

The ministry are now set to begin research at the 600-acre site with a proposed budget of some four billion yen (£33.5 million) over the next six years, officials said.

A spokesman for the government's ministry of agriculture said: "We hope the project will help not only support farmers in the disaster-hit regions but also revive the entire nation's agriculture."

The government plans to recruit help from some of the top technology companies in Japan, including Fujitsu and Hitachi.

Last week Japanese carmaker Toyota launched what is claimed to be the most fuel-efficient car on the market, the Toyota Aqua.

Written by Kimberley Homer