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Wednesday, 4th January 2012
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Japan retailers cut Sony PS Vita price as Nintendo 3DS dominates

The battle between Japan's handheld computer games consoles is hotting up, with news that the prices of the Sony PlayStation Vita have been slashed by many retailers following a slump in demand.

After a successful opening week in which the successor to the Sony PSP sold almost 325,000 units in Japan, sales have nosedived, with just 72,479 being bought in its second week.

As a result of this, retailers in Japan have decided to cut its price, with many fearful that sales were unlikely to pick up.

With most Japanese consumers opting for the cheaper WiFi only model, stores have slashed as much as 20 per cent from the price of the more expensive 3G model to encourage buyers.

For Sony, this news was made all the worse by the fact that Nintendo's latest handheld console, the 3DS, continues to sell incredibly well.

A staggering 482,200 3DS units were sold in the same week that the PS Vita sold just 72,479, the Metro reported.

Nintendo of America, meanwhile, announced this week that over 4 million 3DS have been sold so far, putting it ahead of both its record-selling Wii and DS consoles in the timeframe that it has been available.

Written by Kimberley Homer

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