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Thursday, 29th December 2011
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Japan recycling the envy of the world

Recent figures released by the Plastic Waste Management Institute (PWMI) show that when it comes to plastic recycling, Japan is one of the world's leading countries.

Last year the country recycled some 77 per cent of all of its plastic waste, an increase from 73 per cent in 2006 and almost double the 1996 level of 39 per cent, the Guardian reported.

Japan has boosted its recycling levels by passing certain laws which deal with the disposal of plastics, and the result is that it is now one of the world's leading recyclers.

In comparison, the United States recycles just 20 per cent of its plastic waste, while at 77 per cent Japan recycles roughly twice what the UK does, the newspaper said.

According to PWMI spokesman Takushi Kamiya, a key motive for this level of recycling is the lack of landfill space in Japan.

"Japan has been able to make progress in plastic recycling because waste-processing agencies have won the support of manufacturers," he told the newspaper.

Meanwhile, Japanese car maker Toyota has just launched its new Aqua vehicle in the country amid claims that it us the most fuel efficient car on the market.

Written by Susan Ballion