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Tuesday, 6th December 2011
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Supercar pile-up most expensive Japanese crash?

A dangerous crash involving 14 cars could be among Japan’s most costly road-traffic accident as it involved 12 luxury sports vehicles.

This weekend, a convoy of flash cars took to the roads of western Japan in a rare scene where the lead player is thought to have caused the pile-up after he attempted to switch lanes.

Among the expensive brands involved in the collision were eight Ferraris, three Mercedes and one Lamborghini.

Luckily there were not fatalities and ten injured people have since been released from hospital.

Police are thought to be making speeding investigations as they deemed the incident a “gathering of narcissists”, evidently directed at the drivers’ luxurious taste in vehicles, Bloomberg quoted.

According to the Telegraph, a spokesman for the Yamaguchi Police said: “We will be questioning the 14 drivers and their customers.

“These drivers weren’t going to a car event. They were just driving. They are friends and they wanted to drive to Hiroshima.”

Last week, it was revealed car brands exhibiting at the Tokyo Motor Show would display ways that vehicles could be used to tackle the world’s energy crisis.

Posted by Mark Smith