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Wednesday, 1st October 2008
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Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery hosts Hiroshi Asada exhibition

The Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery is hosting an exhibition of paintings by the legendary artist Hiroshi Asada (1931-97).

Mr Asada learnt from the old masters of the western art world and produced a body of work that examined the psychological aspects of everyday life, reports Tokyo Art Beat.

This retrospective exhibition includes many of his most significant works selected from a similar show held last year at the Museum of Modern Art in Kyoto.

Situated in the Hatsudai area of Tokyo, the gallery is a large cultural community consisting of the three zones catering for the arts, business and commercial amenities.

Access to the gallery is just two minutes walk from the East exist of Hatsudai Station on the Keio New Line.

The exhibition concludes on October 13th 2008.

Visitors to the gallery can also view Trace Elements: Spirit and Memory in Japanese and Australian Photomedia.