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Thursday, 24th November 2011
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Two earthquakes rattle Japan, no damage caused

Japan was rattled today (November 24th) when two earthquakes struck its shores in the morning and then again in the evening.

Registering an average six on the Richter scale, neither quake caused turmoil to the main island of Honshu, despite one landing close to the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

According to the Associated Press, the evening’s quake was about 750km from the capital Tokyo, lying 30km below sea level.

The Meteorological agency has not issued a tsunami warning as there is little fear the quakes were anything more than relatively minor shakes.

It is believed the two earthquakes were completely unrelated, with Tokyo only being rippled by the morning’s event.

The disastrous March 11th earthquake measured nine on the Richter scale and left almost 20,000 people dead or missing, while the ensuing power plant leak uprooted 100,000 residents in the wake of the tsunami.

Earlier this month, Brad Pitt commended the nation on its recovery efforts during a visit to promote the launch of his new movie Moneyball.

Posted by Susan Ballion