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Thursday, 24th November 2011
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Emperor Akihito discharged from hospital

Japan’s Emperor Akihito has finally been discharged from Tokyo University Hospital after an 18-day stay resulting from mild bronchial pneumonia.

The 77-year-old leader was photographed with his wife in a vehicle departing from the hospital grounds after he was admitted on November 6th when signs of bronchitis emerged.

He had suffered a persistent cough and recorded a peak temperature of 39 degrees Celsius, with his condition only slowing as the heat subsided.

It was not the first time the royal family has been struck by the illness this month, however, as granddaughter Aiko had previously been taken to hospital with similar complaints, AFP reported.

The severity of the sickness meant Akihito missed his first meeting with a state guest in more than 20 years after the king and queen of Bhutan came to the country for a visit.

Akihito had problems with his health in 2003, when he underwent surgery for prostate cancer.

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