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Monday, 21st November 2011
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Noodle eating competition reunites disaster trio

A competition to eat the most noodles in one sitting turned into a heart-warming tale after it reunited three youngsters all separated in the wake of the March 11th disaster, it has been reported.

It was the first time 12-year-old Tatsuki Koyama saw his two best friends since the tsunami engulfed his home, forcing him to relocate to another part of the country, the Mainichi Daily revealed.

Seven months passed before the trio competed as a team to eat 100 bowls of noodles, and although they fell short, they still managed to down an impressive 98 between them.

Participants competed in teams of three to make their way through as many realms of the slippery food as they could possibly stomach in an event aimed at displaying the Iwate prefecture’s atmosphere.

Organisers had debated cancelling the fun event, which took place yesterday (November 20th), because of the Fukushima disaster but decided to steam ahead “to show a lively Iwate”.

Tasuki’s team were honoured by the competition for their efforts, which were deemed “exemplary” as they persistently shovelled noodles into their mouths.

The youngster told the news provider: “We three met for the first time in seven months, and my heart is full of emotion. My stomach is also full.”

Elsewhere, a foreign group of a cappella singers are set to take part in a Japanese take on The X-Factor dubbed Gaikokujin tomorrow.

ALT48 will battle it out with other bands formed of members from outside the country all coming together to “introduce talented foreigners” to Tokyo, the Japan Times reported.

British contenders are among the great range of competitors singing for a 100,000 yen (£832,000) prize in a battle originally entitled Gaijin Idol.

Other acts set to perform will be hailing from Latvia, the US and France in a bid to knock Serbia’s Jovana Bardiaux off the top spot.

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