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Friday, 18th November 2011
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Japanese employment rates remain positive

Job prospects in Japan are showing considerable strength as the unemployment rate was shown to have dipped in September, new figures suggested.

The nation’s current unemployment rate stands at 4.1 per cent, down from its 5.6 per cent peak seen in July 2009, figures from Trading Economics showed.

This is in staggering contrast to trends in the UK where unemployment among those aged between 16 and 62 reached 29.8 per cent from July to September, a study from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed.

Japan’s average unemployment rate is 2.6 per cent, but hit a record low in November 1968 when it fell to an impressive one per cent.

It seems the country’s upcoming graduates are also facing encouraging employment opportunities as 60 per cent of students due to complete third-level studies next March already have employment lined up, the Japan Times reported.

This represented a 2.3 per cent climb on the same period last year, with slightly more men than women on track to enter a new job.

Some 61.7 per cent of males had already secured a post, compared to 57.7 per cent of females, a poll from Japan’s labour and education ministries showed.

Conversely, ONS figures showed an increase of 1.7 per cent in youth unemployment in the UK as it hit 21.9 per cent in September.

The Japanese poll showed a new support system in the Tokyo metropolitan area helped drive youth employment in the prefectures of Iwate, Fukushima and Miyagi.

School leavers intended on entering the jobs market without a third level qualification also proved fortuitous as 41.5 per cent already knew where their new beginnings would lead them.

Again, male school leavers were more prosperous as 46.7 per cent found themselves a job, compared to just 34.4 per cent of females, a separated survey from the Japanese labour ministry suggested.

Posted by Mark Smith