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Wednesday, 16th November 2011
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Ishigawa to represent Japan at Presidents Cup

Ryo Ishikawa is the standalone Japanese representative at the bi-annual Presidents Cup golf tournament due to kick-off in Melbourne.

The 20-year-old protégée departed from Narita airport on Monday (November 14th) after he came eighth in the Taiheiyo Masters.

This marks his second appearance as the fourth member of an international team poised to take the cup and Ishigawa is keen to do his nation proud.

He said: “I will be the only Japanese appearing. I want to show that Japanese players are capable of holding their own against big names,” the Mainichi Daily quoted.

The golf star is of notable importance in his homeland, as media hacks tend to follow and scrutinise his every move.

However, Ishigawa was quick to suggest his performance this time round would not be reflective of his previous standing in the competition.

“People made a fuss over me two years ago but I don’t think they will be looking at me as a child now. I want to have a decent tournament,” he said.

Some controversy has surround the player’s entrance into the game, as he arrived particularly late to Melbourne.

Known as the bashful prince, the late completion of the Taiheiyo Masters alongside a flight cancellation all worked to prevent him making an early entrance to the competition.

Writing for the Sydney Morning Herald, Peter Stone commented: “He’s so popular with his teammates there was barely a murmur about his late arrival.

“You’d imagine in other team sports, the coach - or in this case the captain Greg Norman - might have been a touch cross.”

The star failed to garner support from the publication as he reportedly left team members hanging as they set out on their practice route.

Perhaps he will be relying on fellow competitor Ernie Els to show him the ropes of the course.

Ishigawa said: “I played this course for the first time and I find the greens very difficult.

“I’m really happy Ernie is with me and that he knows a lot about the course, how to attack the course and the game plan,” quoted.

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