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Friday, 11th November 2011
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Laptop 'lights the way' for Japanese aid worker's survival

A Japanese air worker survived the devastation of the recent Turkey quake by taking inspiration from the light emitting from her laptop.

Miyuki Konnai battled the odds when she was trapped under a pile of rubble, awaiting help for five hours, Reuters reported.

The 32-year-old reminded herself she had plenty to live for, trying not give up hope that her rescuers would eventually arrive.

She revealed her story while undergoing a hospital check up, telling the news provider: "I really hate being in the dark so I was scared of opening my eyes and finding out I'm in complete darkness."

The brave survivor struggled to keep her eyes shut as her scratched face reflected the length of trauma she undoubtedly underwent.

Still, her eagerness to know what was going on around her encouraged her to try widening her eyes, which were being constricted by the level of dust floating around her.

Konnai continued: "When I finally managed to open my left eye slowly, there was a ray of light I could see in what I thought was complete darkness.

"The light gave me a relief and gave me a hope to live. That was the light from the computer I was using."

As the courageous worker vowed to remain in Turkey to continue her good work, she commended the nation for its support of the tsunami and natural disaster that struck Japan on March 11th earlier this year.

A 5.7 magnitude quake hit Turkey on Wednesday (November 10th) and rescuers have already uncovered at least 13 dead bodies.

It has hit the Edremit district just three weeks after a large-scale quake wreaked havoc across the area, killing an estimated 600 people and leaving thousands more stripped of their homes.

Konnai was evidently a lucky survivor as many more people are believed to be buried under fallen buildings and scrap material.

Posted by Susan Ballion