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Tuesday, 8th November 2011
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Japanese develop robo-dog

Researchers in Japan could be about to revolutionise life for the visually impaired as they created a robot-dog that could be used as a guide for blind people in years to come.

Created by NSK, in conjunction with the University of Electro-communications, this non-furry friend can navigate its way upstairs using technology from Microsoft Kinect.

This technological take on man's best friend means the robot can envisage the space around it by creating 3D images of what lies before it.

What is so exciting about the invention however, maybe the fact the robot moves upstairs in the same way live dogs do, using its front paws to heave itself onto the next step.

The follower can control the 'pet' though touch-sensitive handgrips that work alongside pre-programmed software.

Later innovations on the development are likely to see the robo-dog equipped with GPS and voice command.

Last month, banana sculptor Keisuke Yamada caused a storm on the internet after he uploaded humorous images of the fruit he had inscribed with famous faces.

Posted by Susan Ballion