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Wednesday, 2nd November 2011
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Don't miss the Chichibu Night Festival

If you are travelling to Japan next month and are looking to delve into a cultural experience head first then you must get yourself along to the Chichibu Night Festival.

Held from December 2nd to 3rd, this 2000 year-old event celebrates the Chichibu Shrine which is devoted to the gods, Yagokoro-omoikane-no-mikoto, Chichibuhiko-no-mikoto, Ame-no-minaka-nushi-no-kami and also Prince Chichibu.

The shrine can be found in the Chichibu City in the Saitama Prefecture about 30km outside of Tokyo.

Although the festival takes place over two days, the main spectacle occurs on the second day. This sees a procession of large floats shaped like houses paraded through the streets, before they are turned into to small stages where plays are acted out for spectators.

However, it is in the evening when the festival really comes to life when huge floats weighing many tonnes and adorned with glowing lanterns are hauled up the steep slope to the shrine to the pounding rhythm of the drums.

And in true Japanese fashion the climax of the event is marked by a huge firework display that lights up the night sky.

If you want to be engulfed in a flurry of colour and sound then this is the perfect occasion to attend.

Written by Susan Ballion