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Monday, 17th October 2011
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Japanese stars support Kagawa prefecture

Two leading film and TV stars in Japan have stepped up to show their support for the country's smallest prefecture most famous for its udon noodles, Kagawa.

Time Scoop Hunter's Jun Kaname and Meon's Akiko Kinouchi were formerly appointed deputy governors of the region by its lead governor Keizo Hamada on October 11th, the Mainichi Daily reported.

The two stars promised to do their best to promote the area and draw attraction to some of its most prominent features, including Japan's largest registered cultural heritage garden, Ritsurin Garden.

Kaname and Kinouchi made a joint speech, saying: "We want people from all over the world to come and see Kagawa's beauty," the news provider quoted.

Its warm Mediterranean climate has made Kagawa the nation's largest producer of olive and olive oil, while it is also the biggest grower of bonsai trees.

With a population of a little less than one million people, the spot is ideal for tourists hoping to enjoy its main attractions that include Zentsuji Temple, the first foundational seminary for Shingon Buddhism.

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