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Friday, 29th August 2008
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Shosenkyo visitors 'cannot see the wood for the trees'

One of Japan's most attractive views is being spoilt by a number of unkempt trees.

The tourist association of Shosenkyo has raised concerns that a key scenic location in Yamanashi Prefecture is losing its appeal to visitors because of the government's failure to undertake logging in the valley area, claims Mainichi Daily News.

"We would like to cut down the trees with nature in mind," explained Takehiko Suzuki, chairperson of the Shosenkyo Tourism Association.

It is now hoped that the government will begin an extensive logging of trees over a 300-metre area to help open up the spot once again.

Shosenkyo is located along the Arakawa River. The Kofu City website claims that the highlight of the area is Kakuenbo, a giant rock found in the gorge.