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Wednesday, 5th October 2011
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New technologies exhibited at Createc

Japan's largest consumer electronics show has showcased some impressive innovations set to take the nation by storm.

Among the developments showcased was a radiation monitoring smartphone created by the country's biggest mobile provider NTT Docomo, the Telegraph reported.

In response to the Fukushima disaster of March 11th, the company has designed a smartphone cover that can determine the level of radiation in the air.

It works alongside an app that enables users to decipher areas with the highest levels of radiation using GPS technology to complement the function of the case.

Kouki Hayashi, assistant manager of the communication device development department at NTT Docomo, admitted the company was still trying to uncover a market for the invention.

He said: "One example would be for a mother with young children, who could then measure the radiation at nearby parks or on the way to school," the news provider quoted.

Meanwhile, plans to launch the new TV channel nottv were unveiled, providing content exclusively to smartphones and tablets, PC World reported.

The project, supported by the nation's largest TV stations and mobile operator, uses a unique tuner that will send programmes specifically to the devices.

Viewers can expect to access a range of digital content, including games and newspapers, across a platform which will not see a decline in quality as demand increases.

Hiroaki Ban, corporate strategy manager for mmbi, a group that will operate nottv, said: "Television is currently designed for viewing at home, with everyone sitting around a TV. We want to be more personal and interactive," the publication quoted.

As such, programmes are likely to be reduced to ten minute shows, thus making them more appropriate to users who generally only have time for short entertainment instalments.

Interestingly, the technology will allow users to post live comments on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter during the running of the show.

Creatac runs until October 8th.  

Posted by Mark Smith