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Thursday, 8th September 2011
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New PM visits Fukushima

Japan's newly appointed Prime Minister, Yoshihiko Noda, visited Fukushima for the first time since he came into power.

He paid homage to thousands of workers who are battling to combat the crisis since its eruption almost six months ago.

AFP quoted the prime minister as he visited hundreds of emergency workers living in a sports facility nearby, which has been the crew's base since the tragedy.

He said: "Since the accident occurred, you have all worked on the front line for the Japanese people. I express my heartfelt gratitude.

"I feel proud from the bottom of my heart as the commander in chief of the Self-Defence Forces."

Mr Noda then moved on to the site itself.

He took up his new position last Friday (September 2nd), replacing Naota Kan as the country's leader.

Kan stepped down from the position after coming under critical fire for his response to the twin tragedy of March 11th this year.

Posted by Graham McPherson