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Monday, 5th September 2011
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Prime minister's cabinet gains public support

Yoshihiko Noda's new cabinet has been proven to be considerably more popular with the public than his predecessor's.

According to a survey conducted on Saturday (September 3rd), the new prime minster's cabinet was favourable with 62.8 per cent of respondents, the Japan Times reported.

That figure is in stark contrast to former-PM, Naota Kan's cabinet, who received a mere 15.8 per cent of public support in a similar study revealed in August.

It is thus hoped the public's battered spirits are lifting, with the population hoping to see the new administration reuniting the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ).

The DPJ garnered 27.2 per cent of public support, compared to 23.6 per cent of support shown for their nearest rival, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).

Last month the LDP were favoured in the public mind at a similar standing, while the DPJ held just 19.3 per cent of the popularity stakes.

Mr Noda faces a tough battle this week to combat a typhoon which has swept central and western parts of the country.

It is thought that more than 27 people have died in the tragedy, with more than 50 others declared missing.

Posted by Graham McPherson