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Friday, 2nd September 2011
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Noda chooses new cabinet

Japan's latest Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda has chosen his new cabinet as he succeeded former pm Naoto Kan today (September 2nd).

The 54-year-old vowed to combat economic crisis and make reforms that should result in strong fiscal gains, Reuters reported.

He also promised to soothe public worries over nuclear safety in response to the twin tragedy which occurred in March of this year.

The news provider quoted him saying: "We can lose no time in reforming public finances. But I'm not putting fiscal reform on top of everything else."

"Achieving a good balance between fiscal reform and economic growth is our top priority."

Noda is the country's sixth prime minister in five years and he is presumed to have a tough job ahead of him after ex-pm Kan was heavily criticised for his leadership during the tsunami and earthquake crises.

Prior to becoming prime minister, Noda was Japan's finance minister.

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