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Tuesday, 30th August 2011
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First batch of Fukushima rice shipped

The first batch of rice grown in Fukushima has been shipped after no traces of nuclear contamination were found present in the grains.

That is according to the Japan Times, which revealed a man in Koriyama became the first farmer to shift his product from the area this year.

Almost four tonnes of Shunichi Sakuma's grains were shipped from paddy fields just 60 kilometres from the nuclear site.

The 55-year-old told the news provider: "I am relieved because I'm able to ship rice and I can sell it without any worries.

"I want the government and Tokyo Electric Power Co to put an end to the accident so that farmers can keep growing here on this land."

Mr Sakuma's brown rice was tested on Friday (August 26th) by the Fukushima Prefectural Government and is expected to be on shelves by today (August 30th), sold under the brand name Mizuho Kogane.

In other news, the country's new prime minister has been appointed.

Yoshihiko Noda outdid Banri Kaieda in a runoff vote among his party to succeed Naoto Kan as the nation's sixth PM in five years.

Posted by Graham McPherson  

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