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Tuesday, 16th August 2011
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Japanese walker reaches Canada

Yoshida Masahito, a Japanese man who has been walking around the world since 2009, has reached Canada on his international odyssey.

Masahito, who was a mechanical engineer back home, has told the Winnipeg Free Press that he decided to undertake the journey simply to take in new surroundings and meet new people.

He said: "Sometimes local people asked me 'Why are you walking?' I answered 'I am walking, so I can meet you! Nice to meet you!'"

The Japanese traveller intends to hike from Shanghai - where he started his journey on January 1st 2009 - to Lisbon, in Portugal (where he arrived last year), and back again.

From Canada, Masahito will fly to Australia and then walk up through south-east Asia back to the Chinese metropolis.

However, he did reveal that he sometimes gets homesick when walking. He told the news provider: "[Sometimes] I want to sleep on the bed. I want to take a shower. I want to eat Japanese food."

Written by Kimberley Homer 

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