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Monday, 20th October 2008
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New subway lines opens in Osaka

A new subway line that has been five and half years in the making opened in Osaka yesterday (October 10th).

Constructed by the Keihan Electric Railway Company, the Nakanoshima Line aims to give commuters and holidaymakers a quick and easy ride between Osaka city centre's east and west sides.

Covering 2.9 kilometres and costing 150 billion yen, the new line covers Keihan Tenmabashi Station, branching from the Keihan Main Line, and Nakanoshima Station, near Osaka International Convention Center, reports the Asahi Shimbun.

In between are Naniwabashi Station, Oebashi Station and Watanabebashi Station.

Formerly known as Naniwa, Osaka almost became Japan's capital city until Toyotomi Hideyoshi moved his government to what is present day Tokyo in the 16th century.

Among the city's many tourist attractions is the Osaka Aquarium, the Umeda Sky Building and Osaka Castle.

Japan Guide users ranked the city 3rd out of 95 Japanese destinations.

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