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Tuesday, 19th July 2011
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Clothing manufacturer sees soaring demand for 'air-conditioned coats'

A Japanese clothing manufacturer is enjoying sky-rocketing demand for its latest product, 'air conditioned' coats.

According to the AFP, Kuchofuku Co, which is literally named "air-conditioned clothing", has seen orders for its coats with built-in fan soaring as power shortages leave many in the country in the sweltering heat of summer without air conditioning.

Following the March 11th earthquake and tsunami – which led to a subsequent core meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant – many parts of the country are facing restrictions on energy usage.

As the temperatures continue to rise during the summer months, the air-conditioned coat has become an appealing alternative.

The news agency reports that the coat's inbuilt electric fans draw in air to keep the wearer cool. These can be set to different speeds via a control.

One consumer told the AFP: "I work in a very hot place and have to wear long-sleeved outfits, so I came over to buy this to stay cool and to prevent heat stroke."

The success of this innovative product comes shortly after a Japanese company won the 2011 IDEA Gold Award at the International Design Excellence Awards for its creation of a prototype vehicle to fight forest fires, Japan Today reported.

Written by Susan Ballion