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Tuesday, 21st October 2008
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Japan 'could help' dismantle N Korean nukes

Japan could help its neo-Stalinist neighbour North Korea dismantle its nuclear programme, a government spokesman has said.

Recently, Japan refused to give the country energy aid, despite Washington's removal of Asia's only communist dynasty from its so-called Axis of Evil.

Chief cabinet secretary Takeo Kawamura, told a news conference: "Japan will not provide energy aid unless there is progress in the abductees issue, this has been declared before."

He added, however, that Japan would continue contributing to the International Atomic Energy Agency and could co-operate in any decommissioning moves.

Speculation has been mounting about the health of North Korea's totalitarian leader Kim Jong-il after he failed to appear in public for several weeks.

There are suggestions that he may have suffered a stroke or been deposed in a coup.

Among the high profile figures likely to replace Jong-il are his three sons Jong-chol, Jong-nam and Jong un, as well as head of state Kim Yong-nam and the powerful military general Jo Myong-rok.

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