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Thursday, 14th July 2011
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Brave Nadeshiko reach the World Cup Final

The Japanese women's football team has done the unthinkable and reached the FIFA World Cup final after comprehensively beating Sweden 3-1 in the semi-final.

Japanese people all over the world have been gripped by the astonishing cup run, which included a surprise win over hosts and current champions Germany in the quarter-finals.

Even Naoto Kan, the beleaguered prime minister of Japan, has been caught up in the excitement surrounding the Nadeshiko, according to AFP.

He recently told reporters: "I sure want to see them win the championship."

However, the final of the FIFA Women's World Cup will not be easy. Japan, who have never reached this stage before, will play the United States of America.

The US women's football team are giants of the game who have won the entire tournament twice before and have won three gold medals (out of a possible four) in the Olympics since 1996.

Posted by Mark Smith