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Monday, 11th July 2011
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Japan's high-speed service delayed by snake

One of Japan's high-speed bullet trains has been halted after a snake was found sitting on one of the seats.

The animal, which was about three-feet long with red and black markings, was discovered by the conductor, who immediately stopped the train and waited for a local animal protection agent to move the snake.

Police are currently treating the animal as lost property, believing the snake - which is thought to be a milk snake - was a pet that escaped its owner.

The snake was found at about 9am on the Kodama 642 bullet train when it was outside of Kyoto.

Milk snakes are harmless to humans, but look very similar to the deadly coral snake, so extra care must always be taken when dealing with the animal.

The 'bullet train' is the name given to the Shinkansen rail line, operated by Japan Railways Group. It currently has 1,480 miles of track running around the country and has a top speed of around 180 miles-per-hour.

Written by Susan Ballion