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Friday, 8th July 2011
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Japan may withdraw plans for Olympic bid

The Japanese Olympic Committee is considering withdrawing the nation's 2020 Olympic bid after it was confirmed the Winter Olympics would be staged in South Korea.

President of the committee, Tsunekazu Takeda, has expressed uncertainty over the country's chances of winning the opportunity to host the Games only two years after another Asian nation hosts the winter counterpart.

Mr Takeda said it is important to take into account which nations Japan will be up against in the bid.

He added: "We should go ahead with our bid if an Asian city still has good chances for 2020, two years after the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. But we may not if we can't picture ourselves winning after thorough examinations."

Tokyo was set to be the stage for the 1940 Olympics but the Games were later cancelled due to The Second World War.

However, the city proudly presented the competition in 1964 and is hoping to re-imagine this privilege once more.

Written by Graham McPherson  

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