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Friday, 8th July 2011
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Nachi Fire Festival comes alight this July

The Nachi Fire Festival will take place this summer on July 14th in the Kumano Mountains of Wakayama, where Mount Nachi sits.

The symbolic ritual shows holy men in white dress carrying 12 vermilion torches towards the Nachi waterfall.

According to Lonely Planet author Ray Bartlett, the 130 steps they take towards the waterfall symbolise the height of the magnificent water feature.

Each of the flaming torches represents the months of the year, as well as the 12 deities said to be present in Kumano.

A cleansing ritual is performed and the blazing flames signify the burning away of the past year's sins.

Mr Bartlett said of his experience: "It was the perfect combination to an adventure filled trip and I left feeling humbled, introspective and awed."

The event takes place on the same date each year, while the Japan National Tourism Organisation recommends that visitors arrive early to get a good view of this incredible celebration.

Written by Mark Smith  

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