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Monday, 4th July 2011
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Japanese writer receives Italian literary prize

Japanese writer Banana Yoshimoto, who is well known for her novels Asleep, Goodbye Tsugumi and Daisy's Life, has been awarded a prestigious Italian literary prize for the "poetic and sensitive qualities of her works".

The Capri Award is given annually at an award ceremony held on the eponymous Mediterranean island, just off of Italy, according to the Japan Times.

Ms Yoshimoto, who is the first Japanese person to win the prize, told the news provider of her discovery - since the March 11th earthquake and tsunami - of the recuperative value of literature.

"I was convinced from my correspondence with readers who suffered from the disaster that in any situation, there are people who are in need of cultural nourishment of the mind, such as books," she said.

The award, which was first given in 1987, has previously been won by Derek Walcott, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and American poet laureate Robert Pinsky.

Written by Susan Ballion