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Friday, 24th June 2011
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First day of summer is a scorcher in Tokyo

Wednesday was officially the first day of summer - and people living in Tokyo definitely knew it, as the city was gifted with glorious sunshine.

The temperature in the Japanese capital reached 30 degrees centigrade for the first time this year on the day of summer solstice - June 21st, according to the Japan Times.

It seems as if the weather was just waiting until summer to break the 30 degree-mark this year, as the temperature breached the milestone more than 30 days later than in 2010.

On the same day, Otsuki, in the Yamanashi prefecture reached a high of 34.7 degrees centigrade, while Toyama was an almost-as-scorching 34.5 degrees.

The Japanese Meteorological Agency warned against heatstroke, which is a danger when the temperature starts to push into the 30s.

This year's summer solstice has had a decidedly Japanese tint around the world, as Google used a work by artist Takashi Murakami for their doodle on June 21st.

Written by Mark Smith