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Tuesday, 14th June 2011
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FIFA boss backs Japan's Club World Cup plans

Sepp Blatter, the president of FIFA, has come out in support of Japan hosting this year's Club World Cup.

The FIFA Club World Cup, which has been held annually since 2005, recently moved host country from Japan to the United Arab Emirates, but the 2011 and 2012 version are set to return to the Asian country.

Mr Blatter additionally said that the competition between the top club teams in the world may even be able to play a small part in the post-tsunami rehabilitation of Japan, the international news agency AFP has reported.

"We are absolutely confident that Japan will organise this competition," he said.

"You'll never know what happens in our disturbed world. This is why football can play a part: football in its continuity can play a good part."

It was recently revealed that representatives from India's football federation will be travelling to Japan to see how clubs in the J-League are so successful in elements such as youth development, press relations and ticket sales.

Written by Susan Ballion

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