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Monday, 13th June 2011
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Indian football representatives set to look at J-League's 'success story'

Representatives from India's football federation are set to tour the stadia of the J-League's top clubs to see if they can learn a thing or two.

Sunando Dhar, the chief executive officer of the Indian football league (known as the I-League after a recent rebranding) recently told the Times of India that the tour of Japanese football teams was organised to see "a success story" in action.

The tour will include looking at how the top Japanese football clubs handle security, ticketing, media management and their youth systems.

Mr Dhar told the news provider that the Indian football body has organised tours to European countries, but is looking forward to seeing how things are done a little "closer to home".

"The five-day tour would help club representatives understand what makes the league tick, how clubs prepare for their home matches and how almost every detail is taken care of while preparing for matches," he said.

Kashiwa Reysol are currently sitting at the top of the J-League table. The team, which was only promoted from the second division last year, have never won the top league.

Written by Susan Ballion

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