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Thursday, 9th June 2011
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Japanese inventors unveil brainwave-controlled cat ears

Always at the forefront of gizmos and wacky innovations, Japan can now add brainwave-controlled cat ears to its long list of technological firsts.

A team of inventors has launched Necomimi, a pair of detachable cat ears, which perk up or lie down, depending on the wearer's state of mind, AFP reports.

The neuro communication device reacts to the user's brainwaves, so it can respond to alertness or relaxation and express this via the shape and positioning of the furry ears.

Kana Nakano, spokesman for the inventors Neurowear, said: "We were exploring new ways of communicating and we thought it would be interesting to use brainwaves."

He added that, since the sensors have to be attached to the head, they aimed to come up with something that was both "cute and catchy".

The device is expected to be marketed to the public before the end of the year in Japan and beyond, although no price has yet been set.

Written by Kimberley Homer