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Monday, 6th June 2011
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Poll finds hope for stronger Japan after quake

The majority of Japan believes that the events of March 11th will make them stronger as a nation, according to a recent US survey.

During April and May, the Washington-based Pew Research Center asked 700 Japanese adults whether they thought that Japan will become stronger as a result of the natural disasters that hit the north-eastern region earlier in the year.

Almost 60 per cent said that it would, which reflected a widespread sense of resilience and optimism.

"This sense of promise is consistent across age, income and other major demographic groups," the pollster added.

Furthermore, 46 per cent believe that Japan should maintain its current levels of nuclear power usage, as opposed to 44 per cent who would like to see a reduction, after the protracted crisis at the Fukushima nuclear facility.

However, the survey did not include the opinions of anyone actually living in the affected north-eastern region, The Canadian Press reports.

Written by Susan Ballion