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Monday, 27th October 2008
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The Meiji Shrine Autumn Festival in Tokyo

Archery enthusiasts visiting Tokyo on November 4th will want to make space in their itinerary for the Meiji Shrine Autumn Festival which takes place in Shibuya Ward.

The annual event features a national kyudo (Japanese archery) competition, as well as displays of ritual and horseback archery, reports the Japan Times.

Organised by the All Nippon Kyudo Federation, the competition begins at 09:00 and continues throughout the day.

The nature of the tournament requires participants to load their bows while seated, before standing to fire at the target.

Meanwhile, the momote-shiki ceremony, which is dedicated to the Shinto gods of the heavens (the Amatsukami) and of the land (the Kunitsukami), will also be performed during the day.

The All Nippon Kyudo Federation is the governing body for kyudo in Japan and is also responsible for promoting and developing the sport throughout the world.