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Monday, 23rd May 2011
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Hakuho wins 19th sumo title at test meet

Yokozuna Hakuho ended the May Technical Examination Tournament on a weak note on Sunday (May 22nd) after wrapping up his record-equalling seventh consecutive title.

The dominant wrestler lost to veteran ozeki Kaio on the final day of the tournament, which was scheduled to replace the summer basho, an event that was cancelled in the wake of a recent match-fixing scandal, Kyodo News reported.

Hakuho's closest challenger Tochinoshin was defeated by Mongolian ozeki Harumafuji in an earlier bout, meaning that the final match would have no impact on who would be named the overall winner.

Nonetheless, the Mongolian, who has dominated sumo wrestling since former yokozuna Asashoryu retired last February, was expected to come out victorious against Kaio.

The top wrestler's overall victory at the test meet in Tokyo's Ryogoku Kokugikan arena means he has now equalled Asashoryu's record of winning seven titles in a row.

Following the latest match-fixing scandal, which was revealed in February, the tournament was not televised as normal and spectators were allowed to watch for free.

Written by Mark Smith