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Friday, 29th August 2008
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Kitajima gets gold medal from beer drinkers

Swimming champion Kosuke Kitajima has picked up another accolade to go alongside the gold medal he won at the Olympics.

The Japanese swimmer returned from Beijing having broken the world record for the men's 100-metre breaststroke and has now emerged ahead of the competition in a poll of beer drinkers, Japan Today reports.

Participants in an online survey conducted by the Japan Draft Beer Association voted Kitajima as the person who looks the best with a beer.

The champ - who was the first ever competitor to break the 59 second barrier over 100 metres - was pictured drinking beer after his victory.

"His image of freshness and toughness can be associated with beer," the association commented.

Kitajima's was one of nine golds won at the Games by Japan. With an overall medal haul of 25, the nation finished in 11th place.