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Monday, 16th May 2011
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Japanese restaurant offers beef in privacy

Eating out alone in Japan is not an unusual practice and with these diners in mind, a beef restaurant in Tokyo's Ueno district has taken solo dining to the next level.

Yakiniku Hitori, which literally means 'grilled meat alone', offers its customers an exclusive experience, Kyodo News reports.

While many yakiniku, or barbecue, restaurants are highly social places, the partitioned seats at this restaurant allow leisure travellers and businessmen alike a chance to read or study documents after eating.

Popular beef dishes on offer include karubi and harami, while beer and other alcoholic beverages are freely available.

Hungry visitors may need to book in advance or be prepared to queue at busy times however, as the restaurant, which is situated at the back of the Ueno Marui department store, has only 24 seats.

Toshihiro Fujita, the restaurant's manager, told the news provider that he has high hopes for his establishment, which he claims is the "only one" of its kind in Japan.

Written by Kimberley Homer