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Wednesday, 29th October 2008
In Japan Entertainment News,

Former MoD manager 'first transsexual geisha'

A former manager at the Ministry of Defence could be the first transsexual geisha in Japan.

Mary Murdoch, formerly known as Malcolm Murdoch, claims to be the first non-biological female to be allowed to dress as a traditional Japanese geisha.

He told the Daily Mail: "My ambition was to dress up as a geisha and at first they were reluctant.

"But in the end I convinced them. I was the first person to actually do this. They were very welcoming and put aside the normal rules for foreign tourists."

Ms Murdoch said she began to have therapy to change gender four years ago and is currently on an NHS waiting list to have the process completed.

According to, geisha traditionally go though rigorous apprenticeships to learn how to perform traditional Japanese arts.

Historically, geisha have been most common in districts of Kyoto, such as Gion and Pontocho.

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