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Wednesday, 27th April 2011
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Japan's restaurants hit by 10% decline

The total impact of the March 11th earthquake on Japan's restaurants has been calculated for the first time in a major national survey.

Figures released by the Japan Food Service Association (JFSA) show that restaurant sales in March fell by 10.3 per cent compared with the same month last year, Japan Times reported.

The 9.0-magnitude earthquake caused damage to many restaurant buildings, while others had to shorten their opening hours to deal with electricity shortages.

Furthermore, disruption to food supply chains has also dented business, the JFSA report adds.

Whilst the number of customers fell by nine per cent, the amount they were spending only slipped by 1.4 per cent, suggesting that many were choosing not to rein in their spending on sushi and other traditional Japanese dishes.

Pubs saw the biggest drop-off, estimated at 19.8 per cent, as the industry recorded its first monthly decline in nine months.

Written by Susan Ballion