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Thursday, 21st April 2011
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Sumo test meet will not be televised, says NHK

Japanese national broadcaster NHK has said that it will not show live coverage of next month's test meet sumo wrestling event in Tokyo, which is being held instead of the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament.

The world of sumo wrestling was thrown into turmoil earlier this year after a major match-fixing scandal forced several premier league wrestlers to retire.

As a result, NHK has decided not to cover next month's test meet event as it is not considered a major tournament and because "the Japan Sumo Association is in the process of rebuilding", the Associated Press reported.

However, visitors to Japan can choose to watch the event live at Ryogoku Kokugikan, as it will be open to the public for free.

The event is being laid on to gauge wrestlers' form and create a rankings system in advance of the Nagoya tournament, which will take place in July.

Written by Mark Smith

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