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Thursday, 21st April 2011
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Australian PM meets with the Emperor

Emperor Akihito has met with Australian prime minister Julia Gillard to discuss how her country can help with Japan's earthquake relief efforts.

The meeting took place in the Emperor's private residence, as his main palace is currently aiming to conserve energy while the country deals with power shortages.

Ms Gillard told ABC News that meeting with the Emperor and the Empress was "a very great privilege" for her.

"They expressed their very sincere gratitude for the work Australia has done to assist the people of Japan in the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami," she added.

The Australian premier also met with business leaders from Japan and told them that her country would become Japan's most important supplier of liquefied natural gas.

Earlier this month, the Emperor made his first visit to earthquake relief shelters in the north east of Japan to console evacuees.

Written by Kimberley Homer