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Monday, 4th April 2011
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Rescuers find dog after three weeks at sea

Coastal workers have rescued a dog from a floating house after the poor canine spent three weeks adrift in the Pacific Ocean.

A helicopter crew spotted the stranded animal two kilometres off the shore of Kesennuma on Friday (April 1st), AFP reports.

An initial attempt to save the dog by hoisting a rescuer down from a helicopter was unsuccessful, as the creature was scared away by the noise of the whirring blades.

Eventually a boat crew was sent out to rescue the animal, which had been washed out to sea after the March 11th tsunami.

The dog was found to be wearing a collar and officials believe it was once a house pet, but no details of its owners were recovered from the wreckage.

A member of the rescue team was quoted as saying: "He is very friendly and looks fine. He eats biscuits and sausages."

The dog has since been reunited with its owner, after it was recognised on a local television report, according to the BBC.

Written by Kimberley Homer

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