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Monday, 3rd November 2008
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Air force chief for the chop after controversial remarks

Japan's air force chief of staff is to be sacked after controversial remarks he made about the country's role in the second world war.

In an essay posted online, General Toshio Tamogami said Japan was ensnared into the conflict and was not an aggressor in Asia, reports Reuters.

Defence minister Yasukazu Hamada said it was not appropriate for the general to remain in his post.

"I think it is improper as the air force chief of staff to publicly state a view clearly different from that of the government's," he said.

Japan's wartime history remains a controversial topic and frequently leads to disputes with China and South Korea.

During a recent national holiday, government members made a point of not visiting a notorious shrine which commemorates the country's war dead.

Among those honoured by the Yasukuni shrine are 14 top war criminals from the second world war, reports AFP.

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