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Monday, 28th March 2011
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Daylight savings time mulled as energy solution

The Japanese government could break a 60-year habit and return the country to the daylight savings time system in order to help cope with power shortages, it has been reported.

With the Fukushima nuclear plant still facing severe problems, energy supply is likely to be limited over the coming months, Kyodo News reports.

For this reason, the government has considered a range of solutions, which also include a proposed hike in energy prices, although it is feared that this will hurt those worst affected by the March 11th earthquake the most.

Japanese industry minister Banri Kaieda has suggested that changing the clocks forward could help to avert rolling blackouts during the summer.

Daylight savings time was operated in Japan in the late 1940s under American occupation and recent suggestions to revert to the system have met with strong resistance.

Sceptics claim that it would only result in Japanese workers staying later in their offices during the long summer evenings.

Written by Mark Smith