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Tuesday, 22nd March 2011
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Government advises against spinach and milk

The Japanese government has issued its first public food ban since the March 11th earthquake, which advises people against eating spinach or drinking milk from the Fukushima region.

Prime minister Naoto Kan placed an indefinite ban on spinach as well 'kakina', a green vegetable that is grown in Fukushima and neighbouring prefectures, Japan Times reports.

Furthermore, milk exports from the region have been temporarily suspended, after a higher than normal level of radioactivity was detected.

However, chief cabinet secretary Yukio Edano was quick to allay fears, saying that: "The amount of [contamination] will not pose a risk to public health."

"It may have a negative effect on the human body if someone continues to eat the product throughout their life," he added, "but experts agree that there is no health risk if a person eats the products occasionally."

The Fukushima Daiichi reactor has been a source of constant worry ever since three explosions occurred shortly after the March 11th earthquake.

However, recent reports suggest that workers have averted a major meltdown and reconnected the power to all six reactors.

Written by Susan Ballion 

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