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Friday, 11th March 2011
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Japan is 'best equipped' to deal with earthquakes

The north eastern coast of Japan was hit by an earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale this morning (March 11th).

Travel industry experts have claimed that no other country in the world is as prepared to cope with this kind of natural disaster and the resultant tsunami.

Monthly earthquake drills ensure that Japanese school children are in a constant state of readiness, while Japan leads the world in designing earthquake-proof buildings.

As a result, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has not advised against travelling to Japan, instead simply warning travellers to "stay away from low-lying coastal areas".

Despite this, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have cancelled their daily flights from the UK to Japan.

Alastair Donnelly of Inside Japan Tours, reassured travellers saying: "Japan is without a doubt, the best equipped country in the world to cope with an earthquake disaster of this magnitude and the government's plans will been actioned immediately.

"We would advise anyone travelling in the next two weeks to continue with their plans but keep up to date with events."

Written by Susan Ballion