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Wednesday, 5th November 2008
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End of the road for 'Flying Squirrel'

The man they call the 'Flying Squirrel' has been arrested by police in Japan.

Atsushi Minami, 36, was given the nickname Heisei no Musasabi - or the Flying Squirrel of the Heisei Era - by investigators when he was arrested on suspicion of serial theft in 2003.

He was named so due to the fact he used his small stature to gain access to apartments, the Mainichi Daily News reports.

Unfortunately for the former scaffolding worker, he was unable to fly from the clutches of police recently when he was arrested on suspicion of theft and trespassing.

He has now been arrested again, this time in connection to an incident in which a man climbed into an apartment via drainpipe from the building's roof.

A polo t-shirt was taken, though there were no reports of stolen fruit and nuts.

While this particular flying squirrel is said to be diminutive, the Japanese giant flying squirrel is one of the larger examples of the species and is able to glide to the ground from its home in the trees.

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