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Wednesday, 9th March 2011
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Japan to design stealth jet prototype

A Japanese military official has confirmed that the country could produce a prototype stealth fighter by 2014.

According to the Associated Press, Lieutenant General Hideyuki Yoshioka believes that a test flight of the plane could happen within three years following significant investment in the project since 2009.

So far, Japan's government has spent 39 billion yen (£235 million)  on the development of the fighter since the US confirmed that it would be unable to export its advanced plane because of an export ban imposed by congress.

"If the countries surrounding Japan have stealth capabilities, Japan will need to develop those capabilities itself to ensure our own defence," explained Colonel Yoshikazu Takizawa of the defence ministry's Technical Research and Development Institute.

Meanwhile, Japan's government has lodged an official protest after a helicopter from China flew close to one of its military destroyer in the East China Sea.

Written by Mark Smith.