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Friday, 4th March 2011
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Geisha kimono secret revealed

One of Japan's first non-Asian geishas has revealed how easy it is to slip into a kimono.

The Japan Times reported that Australian Fiona Graham, known under her geisha name of Sayuki, has admitted that geishas do not use a standard obi to wrap around the kimono. Instead they use a tsuke-obi which is cut in two and allows them to slip the garment on without the need for assistance.

"A tsuke-obi is an obi cut in to two separate parts, one part to wrap around your waist, and one for the bow - it's an easy process to learn and can be done on your own," explained Ms Sayuki during a news conference at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan in Tokyo.

Sayuki believes that it is time the secret is revealed to the general public and has joined forces with a leading Kimono firm in Kyoto to produce a mass produced tsuke-obi to encourage more Japanese woman to consider wearing a kimono.

Meanwhile, country singer Taylor Swift recently donned a kimono for a photo shoot during a visit to Tokyo.

Written by Mark Smith.

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